Having children in the Stredew valley is very easy, but some measures must be taken, p. B. A romantic relationship with the married spouse.
to have children in the Stredew valley, players must first meet some requirements and marry their high school diploma or their ideal degree. Marriage and children are a great attraction for many agricultural simulation, such as the history of the old Moon Harvest Moon stations and games. Players can say that a village of the Stredew valley in the same way: by providing favorite items "caring for" marriage "and today most agricultural simulation also support marriage. Homosexuality, and players can even raise children with the same sex couple. In Stredew the valley, players are waiting for children to first choose relationship 10 with heart with the coordinator Random. Relatives: Stredew valley: Opas Sanctuary explained the 10 -TE -Love with Aldeanos de La Fama de La Fama first, can be purchased at Pierre's store. After reaching 10 hearts , let the villagers introduce Siren. This also requires the farm to improve at least once and the small bridge in the east of the beach, the marriage is repaired, the maintenance of this relationship with 10 with 10 At first and the construction of kindergarten tige stages to have the opportunity to educate children in the dew valley stre. Remember that similar couples are only available Can raise children, while specific couples can have organic children. After getting married for at least 7 days, it is likely that 5%per day that the player's partner asks he wants to have children; Every night, a spouse still has 5% chance to ask the player if he wants a son in the Stredew valley whenever the player continues to have at least 10 collapsed relationships. If the player agrees, a baby is born after 14 days from the Stredew valley and appears in the cradle of kindergarten.
adopted children to raise children in the Stredew valley very similar to biography children. The single or single from the Stredew valley has 5% chance to ask the player if they want to have children every night, they hold at least 10 hearts in their relationship. Similar to organic children, adoption occurs after 14 days after accepting. The child will appear in the middle of the night after the adoption agency is stored. In the Stredew valley, players can have a maximum of 2 children at the same time and children can only reach the age of young children. After two children, the spouse will stop asking the player if he wants to have children. Stredew Valley is available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.