The main post office of Lawrenceburg is in Anderson, Kentucky. You can send US registration to this main position of Lawrenburg for treatment. In Anderson, a total of agents accepted to handle passport consultants. Lawrenceburg -Routine Service Passport processing time for processing time: Usually waiting time at Lawrenceburg to get a postport Lawrenceburg passport. Acceleration Pass service: Lawrenceburg Post Office provides accelerated pass pass with the time of implementation from two (2) to four (4) weeks at Lawrenceburg. This is due to the fact that the main post office Lawrenburg sends the request for treatment of citizens Lawrenceburg of the Philadelphia National Passport Center for acceleration services and in New Hampshire for a regular service. Residents of Lawrenceburg may get a passport faster than the following position after visiting one of the following steps for accelerating services.
Address and phone number 1269 Fox Creek Rd Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342-9998 (502) 839-3385 ​​Handicap can access: Yes, the back office in the main bar in Lawreburg can be accessed. Location and time zone: This main post office in Lawrenburg is in Lawrenceburg and is located in East Zeitzone. Approved services available: Existing acceleration service: There are 3 to 6 weeks of processing time. Overcoming services on the same day: No, the main post office Lawrenceburg does not handle passport consultants on the same day. Is the photo service available? Yes, the main post office of Lawrenceburg can get your passport image there.
Notice is not responsible: We do everything possible to maintain the most important lesson lesson, updated phone numbers and addresses, but sometimes the information changes often. We recommend that you confirm at the main postrenceburg post office in the phone number (502) 839-3385 ​​for updated information. Update the acceptance representative of the main post office Lawrenceburg here.
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