The History of Emperor Trajan's victory on a strong barbaric empire is not only for books, but also in 155 scenes, towers of the monument of Trajano forum, each including two libraries and A large bourgeois area, Victor Emmanuel II. Kenneth Garrett's Curryphotography returned to the war between 101 to 106, Kaiser -Trajan, gathered tens of thousands of Roman army, reminded Danube to two of the longest bridges that the old world has seen, one one The strong barbar of Barbo Barbaro Empire on his mountain lawn twice and then systematically with the face of Europe Jan against Dacian, a civilization in Romania today, is the thing. The decision of his 19 -year -old government, the beat he brought a contemporary category that half a million books gave him gold and one million silver books, not because of not mentioning that a province The new fertility has changed the landscape of Rome to remember the victory, the forum is "unique under the sky", the first enthusiastic historian prayed for the description and never imitated by those who. Mandarin. "Columns like a modern comic is a history of the landscape of Dicaian: thousands of Roman people and sophisticated shape, parade, construction, fighting, boat rowing, sliding, negotiation, negotiation, allegations And in 155 scenes used commonly used in Triumphal Paradyny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen; taken in Musei Capitolini, ROM Today tourists in the collar clash, while instructions for explaining their history, eroding worship a hero and detbalis, King Dacian, like archaeologists, checked scenes to learn more about uniforms, weapons, equipment and tactics used by the Roman army. , and because this Trajan left the spine and the remaining sculptures of the soldiers who have been decorated for the forum for centuries, while the symbols of the city collapse, fascinated by the border. The most Tar year of. The stages to use "this uncomfortable view mode" in plaster. Sometimes, there are many explanations such as shaped figures, and there are 2,662 travel with this animal animation and see how to build petrol of Trajana, in theory of how it is done and accurate. How, it is accurate. Is it exactly the topics of the animation debate Filippo Coarelli, an archaeologist and historian of Italian art that was educated in the late 1970s? He actually wrote a book on this topic in his Bois hall in Rome, and characterized by the illustration of Mr. The Chronicle of a Supp Book Trade. The column is an incredible job, "he said, gliding through black and white photos of sculptures, a breaking to admire the dramatic scenes." Trajan during the construction process, they are like a role and possible form of Trajan as a magazine "Artist and artists at that time did not have the right to freedom to do what they wanted to act at the will Chi. Teachers, Coarelli, sculptor and sculptor according to the plan to create a version of the Grattte-Ciel de Trajan roller in 17 of Carra Kaiser's best marble drums, the hero of history is him. Appearing 58 times when he was a politician of most wise command and a good leader here, made a speech, he resolved his advice, there, president of A victim against the gods "is Trajan's effort not only a man in the army" Carelli said, "Carelli said," Carelli said, "no or also a cultural man", " Of course, the form of Coarelli, whatever the way is Dacial shows that sculptures seem more about Roman's concerns than in Coulston's history, one. Symbol, weapons and group of Roman at St. University Andrew in Scotland, the column has studied for nearly months after the scaffolding, which he surrounded in the process of restoring labor in the 80s and 90s. To compare it with the media and films ",", He said: "There are general days when you cannot believe a word. About what they heard about the war, "You can, what the artists of love, a great teacher and a creative spirit are," he said: "The ingredient does so that Moaning on Pierre's face, not in a study, in a study, in a study, in his opinion, the drawing table "inspired" rather than "based on", he The category's priority has been received, not having many struggles in representing two less battles in a quarter of Frieze, showing battles or seats, and Trajan is never shown in Take care of the direction. The highly qualified backbone of Rome's war machine is presented with the construction of strong bridges and bridges to clean the streets, even harvesting of cultures and pillars describing it like A force of order and civilization rather than destroying and conquering Border of the day shows more than names of the city on the map of parents: Jerome N Cookson, Alexander Stegmaier and Matthew Twombly, NGM Staffquellen: Ioana A Oltean, Exeter University; Jon Coulston, St. University Jon Coulston, St. University Andrew, Scotland. The chronicle emphasized that they fight against all the Dicaos, which indicates that everyone, regardless of, to commit suicide to drink poison, not in the hands of the Romans before being humiliated? Or are you thirsty? Are the noble Dicaens concentrated at the scene after the scene offers or negotiating? Italians consider them to be prisoners who suffer in the hands of the cruel woman Ernest Oberländer-Târnoveanu, head of the Romanian National History Museum. A lot of people in the column of what they see depends on hanging what they think of the Romans and the politician of Dacianong, "Dacian" is synonymous with two nights of trajan based on equivalent to protect money outside the empire Rome, while the warriors from it from it border cities were sent in 101 to punish the shame blacks, then it was also deceived in the fools " Damn and violence, "said Roberto Menghini, Italian archaeologist, responsible for excavating the Trajan forum. It is a war where the war is a rather violent and wild Roman army. Barbudic's Daga warriors, a proud marble army in the center of Romesbetauf, looks like the Romans, and is not to survive Dicaos, most of them have been sold in the form of slaves. "No Dacco cannot come to see the column." Meneghini said: "It was Roman citizen who showed the power of royal machines that could conquer such a noble and fair person» The column of the Rumomiatrajan National Museum may be propaganda, but archaeologists say that their excavations at Dicaos's locations, including Sarmizetuta, have an element of truth, continue to show a seal. The mark of the civilization is much more than the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning. The meaning of "Barbaria", the mission rejected the Romans who used Dacios. What we know about their culture is filtered by the sources of Roman evidence that they are a regional power for centuries, raids and demanding sewers of neighboring countries. They are qualified metal hamburgers, iron exploitation and consolidation and panoramic processes for gold to create jewelry and jewelry weapons beautifully decorated. From Rome, he will take a month in a month if he goes to the less facilities, visitors must keep a dirty cat in the same valley with words like the face of Trajan -Fa Prolonged fixed fixed tension. Now, only a few agricultural cabin is viewed impressively, have become impressive in the wide and green Sarmizetetutas, a terrace carved at the mountainside, the religious heart of the Dacion trace of the dacion of the Dacion of World, a mixture of original stone and specific copies, the inheritance of an effort of the Communist period to rebuild the Stones of Origin area one third made from the stone pillars is an impressive temple before. This is the Redondo Daciano building next to Trajan next to it. This scene shows the sacred soldiers of the Dacian133331 universe were in packaging animals after defeating the arrest, King Dacian, like this, maintaining the details of the chronicle of the chronicle of Khayana that pollution of the Ro Mania131 National History Museum Six years, he was interrupted, Gelu Florea, archaeologist at Babeows -Babolyai in Cluj -napoc around to search for places where the ruins were displayed, as well as the. Antiques are restored by robbers who are identified more than 260 KM terraces throughout the valley. The entire colony covered more than 700 amazing "C" models to see how Cosmopolitas representatives and the most complex colonies of Dacia, "archaeologists have archaeologists. They found the rest of the teams and houses dense, as well as the stove to refine iron minerals, tons of iron horses and dozens of Anvi distribution. Mica makes the roads without slices in the sun. , There is a thunder.