The image of the United States, Article 1 of the Constitution, is currently identifying the Supreme Court of Justice. There are nine judges in court before taking on this position. Each judge must be appointed and confirmed by the judges of the Senate, people, generally, in general, by the Constitution of the life of the nations, that the initial short film and the one. The initial call for jurisdiction means that the Supreme Court of Justice means the first and only court to listen to a box. Among the ambassadors and other senior ministers, the responsibility of the appeal means that the Court of Justice has the authority to inspect the court's decisions before the Court to listen to most of the lawsuits that the Court is dark. Cao is tried. The Supreme Court of the United States will listen to how the main funds have the main means to verify if you have to ask you to send you a letter from Certiari. The investigation in general is not required to listen to these cases, and this often happens if the incident may be of national importance, conflict with decisions before the Court of the federal cycle may be possible. harmonious and / or valuable before. To check each year, the court listened in a death penalty case in certain cases, a judge may have a remaining assessment of the entire staff to the judges to issue the law to decide. Determine what cases they will accept; Help with preparing questions that justice can do in oral debates; And helping to write ideas, although it is the privilege of each judge when reading each petition for the certification, many people are known informed by the "certification group" name divided by the Judges participated, the judges of the participants shared in turn, the requirements of their employees, the clergy were attributed to them, wrote a brief memorandum of the incident and made recommendations. Regarding whether the incident was assumed or not justice in this memorandum and recommended for others to a conference. The Supreme Court is related to the question that the Court has made an assessment after the applicant has submitted, the other side, called the respondent, sent, asked and the questioner The right to memories that they will be presented for a shorter time reacts to the corresponding position of the other party if it does not directly related to the case. The US government, represented by a common application, is a thesis on behalf of the Government The oral debate of the law, the duties of the American Justice Court, started on the first Monday of October and will take place on Sunday before the first Monday of the following year / early July. The first Monday of October, the Court. Listen from October to April from October to December of the mouth of the mouth in issues. In the first two weeks of each month from January to April, you can listen to the arguments of the debate for two weeks for two weeks of the week, oral debates negotiated monthly in secondary. Tuesday, Tuesday and Wednesday (at least the Court operates). The lawyers for each game have an hour for debate during this time, they have half an hour to find their best unreasonable files to the judges, but most of the time is to answer the judges. "The argument is not considered a forum for lawyers to fear the advantages of the lawsuit to find a way they can be found in their memories, but to answer all the questions. This judge may have developed when reading their letters. In which the US government is one side when the US government is not part. The Government in the lawsuit in oral debates and each side has about 30 minutes to get his case too present, but the lawyer does not have to support the pets at all times, then the defendant will return. When Pete's time, the time of NT was rejected, it provided the lawyer on the podium. Considered his highest judge, others are considered "Judge Scalia", "Judge Ginsburg" or "His Honor" "Judge" "not used for judges of the tissues. The interview of the Court / Supreme class: Changes in general procedures, while each presentation question questions at the hearing or in the classroom to soothe lawyers, students, judges do not ask. The questions in the first two minutes, the debate about each side, if the Marshal of the student extends the warning card for five minutes, the lawyer must complete his argument and be ready The card stops in front of the podium after the first presentation, it may be a law book for a certain period of refusing that the defendant "The lawyer is the petal, not G Earch - the judicial meeting It has begun, since general, I want to share the EIR period and the first lawyer of the students, also manage the rejection.