Burt Young in Burt Young in a scene in the film of the film in 1978, inspired by the success of C. W. McCalls. A fictional musician may be the least interesting thing about this topic. Singer -Vritista C.W. McCall: A number invented and explained by advertising for an advertising campaign for advertising. The song tells a story about truck drivers opposing the government. Regulations of an industry in difficulty. He presented a conversation between them when they drove New Jersey from California and was said in unused transactions: tanks and interdisciplinary tanks and jeeps of all tanks. Yes, these chickens are full of bears and helicopters filled with the sky. Well, we shot the border and exploded with a truck of thousands of screams and 11 friends with long hair in Jesus in a microBus charmuse.
to understand the "convoy", consider what is happening in 1976. The United States is still shocked by a gas crisis. The drivers had to hire hours to get fuel, rising prices and the Federal Government imposed a speed limit at the national level of 55 km / h. The economy is in a bad state and the truck industry is almost unqualified.
Citizens Radio (CB) band. The trucks used it to communicate, help each other at work, fake friendship and even awake on long trips. However, when FCC eliminates the necessity of the operation license to use CB radio, people can suddenly listen to the conversation. French fries have done exactly that, they learned the words of the code and interwoven them in the text: "Fraud" are newspapers on the board, "Copies of chicken" weighing and bear "bears ". The storyteller "convoy", a driver passing Duck Grip with rubber, using CB to bring a group of truck drivers to protest the government's regulations. If you move throughout the country, it will be very excited. Police are trying to intervene, but in a wonderful action of unity and resistance, more and more truck drivers and other drivers join the convoy, making them unable to stop. Even when the "convoy" was sung by a fictional character and its history was great, the chips "The use of truck drivers passed through the mass culture, in the late 1970s, goods. Million Americans used CB. Of course "Convoy" Convoy "," Convoy "," Convoy "is a new song, but has passed Pop and countryside albums and has become a phenomenon, a phenomenon, Inspire films and TV shows. It is also a song that is not in them.