Part 14, Episode 1 on the mainland and the fourth most American chefs involved in the field of culinary training with dreams, kitchen nightmares behind them. Chef Anne Burrell and Robert Ivine want to see what they return. "To make their typical dishes with truly catastrophic results after classifying equipment, the rookies are submerged directly into the depth of the kitchen to create a dish with surfing and grass For the rookie with the worst courts of each team 14, the rookie of Hibachi Heroes of Episode 2 participates in the field of training and discovered that it will be in a favorite game program for the game. All family dishes, teams in Torres de Trivia and culinary tasks prove their knowledge about the kitchen.
Kitchen, but drunken people will return to Blaze season, The winner of episode 3 for Anne Burrell and Robert IVINE decided that it was time for the rookies to spread their wings to perform skills. The five types of mother sauce and then their own chicken with them with The dishes in the pan for its leader. Its employees l 14 of Coop , episode 4 factors that the kitchen may be a scary place, but the rookies must learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how to learn how First in the field of training ", they were forced to expand their palaces with abnormal components in an inspiring game, turning into everything separated from cakes, newcomers approaching and Individuals at sea with some organisms of rookies, harvesting squid, to make pasta with fresh squid with fresh squid under the eyes of Anne Burrell and Robert IVINE chefs Part 14, Episode 5, Head of Cake, Robert Ivine and Anne Burrell left the rookies and asked them to work in a team that only played a dish without knowing the rookies. They were surprised at what he saw for the main challenge of the court, the rookies had to cook a cake at a number of levels to adapt to two special judges, Gesine Prado and Jason Smith of the network. Food at the end, Anne and Robert decided to recruit them to be satisfied. Set your sweets and who left it a complaint from seasons 14, duck episode 6, ducks started the last rookie thinking about life after training and learning how to navigate in a store. The groceries of cooking are generally transformed, then "they join with their loved ones and ask them to make a dish to show their new skills, chef Anne Burrell and Robert Ivine teaches Their Canetons How to get an impressive duck in two types, and when relatives of each dish in a blind taste test know a last exercise of the New Zealand contest to determine who will be greedy. In the final match to see how far "5, recruiting your reference yards with all the techniques you have learned in the field of training, then chef Robert Ivine and Anne Burrell taught the last two rookie. Yours, because you have a meal with three warm dishes D of the restaurant, and the two of them have tested all their culinary skills to impress a group Food expert.